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Where did she stick her nose?

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Zenzy enjoying horse-poop.
It's good for the digestion :D

Such a shame that she had to be castrated...isn't it? She's overall one heck of a gorgeous bitch...
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Did she try to give you a big kiss right after?? Pretty Girl!
Yes, she did try to give me a kiss. She should have brushed her teeth or at least gotten some chewing gum before trying to kiss me. :rofl:
Looks like you'll have something new to add to your training....getting a piece of gum after chomping on poo! LOL
Yuuummmy :)
Why did you have to spay her? She is quite beautiful btw:)
Why did you have to spay her? She is quite beautiful btw:)
She developed pyometra the same time Indra moved in with us.
I noticed her change of behavior and told mom constantly about aggression issues and when I noticed that she drank tons of water mom was like "Pyometra, take her to the vet, NOW!" and it turned out that it was really close and that she didn't have much time left.
Moms vet literally safed her life.
I give Wolf a peppermint after a visit to the barn. LOL
im not 100% positive but my vet said that herbivours were notorious for worms and so on and so forth... but i suppose as long as you got him on a worming regimen it would be fine... but he was also saying its mainly rabbits and deer <shrugs>
hopefully someone can confirm or call it bs (c: i just hate having my pup eating poop... just nasty
The horses are fine and dogs love horse-poop and it is really good for digestion. It's not all that disgusting since they are herbivores.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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