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I must say that I've never ever fed a puppy formula- until now. After much urging from my vet and my niece who runs the infirmary at our zoo, I've been switching Stosh from Nature's Variety over to Orijen Large Breed Puppy. Seems the lower calorie content, as well as lower calcium % is better for slow steady growth. I don't know about all of that, all I know is he's never been a good eater and now he's excited about eating! He polishes off his bowl of dry, has more energy, really seems hungry which is something he's never been before. It was more like 'ok, I'll eat to stay alive' now it's 'hey, I'm hungry here!' He's 10 mos, so a big growth spurt is normal but I have to say he's proven me wrong about the puppy formula. I must endorse Orijen Large Breed Puppy.

Since I've never used a puppy formula before I would have said I would switch over to adult formula at 12 mos. Now I'm thinking 24 mos, since the calories are lower, physiologically the large breeds are still pups until 24 mos.
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