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When to do the switch?!

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I was just curious when everyone switched their puppies from puppy to adult? or if they never fed puppy food.
What did YOU do, and why?
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I never had Jake on puppy kibble, I went for ALS food that has the appropriate cal/phos level. You will find that many never feed puppy food here unless it's Orijen and that's not available in our area. If you are loking for grain can get ACANA ALS here and Wellness has one.
Well puppy food in general makes LB pups grow too fast that's why it's so important if you feed puppy food that it is LB puppy food. I just went to Adult food soon as I got him at 10 weeks....I didn't see the need to give him LB puppy food. I feed Jake 50% RAW and kibble.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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