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When is a bed a bed?

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When it’s no longer a chew toy lol! Finally Django is using a dog bed for its intended purpose (mostly) and not shredding them.

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@jarn The trainer said most dogs grow out of shredding them around 2-3 years old so I thought I’d give it a try. So far so good - just a few half-hearted attempts but a stern “no” and he stopped and hasn’t tried since.
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Time to get one twice that size, I'd shred it too :sneaky:
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It’s actually a large! He does fit in when he’s not rolling around on it lol! Plus I have a Kuranda for him. I will probably get a mattress type bed though as he tends to like to stretch out rather than curl up. It was more of an experiment in seeing if it would survive.
well, your trainer’s wrong. Probably best to educate yourself on how to properly use an e collar before making statements like they’re fact.
The e-collar for this would not have been good when my dog was younger. He’s very reactive and also slow to mature. I use one now but for very specific purposes and only after having good instruction. He’s 2 and the e-collar is a great tool but he also has zero interest in wrecking things. The trainer that helped get us on track said wait until age 2 and she was right and all she does is train with reactive dogs, and generally GSDs. He was simply on a slow track to maturing. In the last 6 months he’s become a completely different dog. Sometimes you have to pick your battles. The bed was not one of them - he has a Kuranda and is crate trained so it simply wasn’t a big issue when I had bigger hurdles to overcome.
1 - 4 of 18 Posts