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When do you cut back feeding to 2x per day

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Wolfgang just turned 3 months - I'm still breaking up his feedings to 3x per day. I thought we cut Sasha back to 2x per day at 4 months - but I've seen some people cut back at 3 months.

any thoughts?
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I waited until my dog was a year old but that's because I am around to feed three times a day and I prefer to not have a really active pup with a really full belly. I believe the standard going age is at about 6 months dogs will do alright with 2 feedings a day.
I think Ava was about 5 months, that was out of neccesity though
I cut Gracie back at 6 months.
I have had pups that have only had 2 meals a day at 8 weeks (due to necessity.) and they have all done fine.
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