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When can I start rationing?

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Benny's chasing up to 13 weeks. I gave him his first bit of raw meat today! AND IT'S A MIRACLE! He hasn't left it alone, and he's enjoying gnawing the bone peacefully as we speak. Unfortunately, he's being greedy and growly about it, so I'll have to work on that as well.

He's such a pig, so I tend to fill his bowl and let him eat as much as he feels. When should I start rationing him, and how much?

He's at 22 pounds. Is that a good weight? The vet said it was excellent, but I figured I'd ask the breed experts too.
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My female pup is weighting about 20 lbs. at almost 13 weeks, so I think our pups are quite similar in weight growth (at least for female/male). I think she is in perfect body condition... that meant people find her a bit thin
. Diabla had a big growth spur this past two weeks and was a bit too thin even for my taste, but she's OK again. A client of mine have a lab pup of only couple of weeks more than my pup and Diabla is also a lot more fit than him, you can touch the muscles on her.

I haven't found any height grow chart for GSD, but she is currently 40 cms. (15,7 inches)
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