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What would you do

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A little back ground.

We have a neighbor about 8 houses down from us that has a Male intact 3 year old German Shepherd. We met him a year ago when we were outside with Jarie, and the 13 year old boy was walking him. The boy does a decent job handling him, but the dog has no training and is aggressive toward people.
He was so excited to talk to us that he went home to get his parents to come meet us and Jarie. The father then asked my husband how much he charged for private training classes. My husband told him he wouldn't charge him anything because he is a neighbor. (the son already told us privately his dad didn't have any money to pay for classes). Well the dad never took my husbands offer. We talk to the son every once in awhile, and he always tells us the the shepherd is still aggressive, he gets along with his 2 Bassett Hounds, but he has gotten into a few fights with them, but nothing too serious.

When we have seen him walking the Shepherd, he does show aggression toward people, including us while on the leash. I don't know how he is off.

Ok, so 30 minutes ago, I was in my driveway, saying goodbye to one of my daycare parents after picking up their child. This German Shepherd and both Basset Hounds were running as fast as the wind, and yes, those bassets were keeping up with the shep. They obviously had gotten loose. The shep was barking and running toward some kids playing, and all the kids quickly disappeared. The boy that owns the dog came running after. They all quickly turned the corner, the dogs a half a block ahead of the boy.

I still had another child, so I could not get involved. But my question to you guys is what would you do? Knowing the dogs history, what could you do to help? Would you try to catch up with the dogs and approach the shepherd, and how?

Depending on which way they turned, when they reached the corner, they would be hitting a major road, with a lot of traffic.
I hope they are ok, and I will check on them later.

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I would have put on my mean alpha mommy face, told the dog he was bad and to go home. I know you said he's aggressive but that's what I'd do and I've never been intentionally bitten. Unintentional goofing around bites by my own dogs, another story.
If nothing else I would have tried to corral the GSD to a safer area until the boy could get him and I would try to catch the bassets.
Has the dog ever actually bitten anyone?
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