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I rescued a female GSD that was found in Clearlake California, nobody came to claim her. She was around 3 years old. I've had her for almost 5 years.

She appeared to have not been in a house before (jumped up on the kitchen counter, couldn't figure out stairs until my other dog showed her). She's a very sweet girl with people she knows or strangers we run into on the street who talk to me or baby talk her. Not so much with strangers who don't respond when I say hello to them. She barks at them. She also barks at other dogs if they're closer than 15' away.

When I got her, she'd bark and lunge at cars except for pickup trucks if they were going fast (over 30mph) but not when they were driving slower. When chasing my 12 year old son, she'll run by me and do a perfect soft take down on him, putting her front feet on his shoulders and pushing him down to the carpet. When I hear a noise outside and go out to see what it is, she walks right next to me on my right side. Whenever I look like I'm going outside (taking the trash bags out of the trash can) she'll run outside, bark a few times and "check" the whole yard. If I say "find <something>" or "where's <someone she knows>" she'll tilt her head and whine. She's also the least "food interested" dog I've seen. When I put her canned food out she may take an hour or more to eat it and often doesn't start for 15-20 minutes. She's the only dog I've ever seen that carefully chews her food. If I give her a thumb size piece of steak she'll chew it for about a minute.

I get the feeling she was trained by someone for a purpose, just not sure what that purpose might have been and I'm curious. Anyone see these behaviors?

I've trained her out of the car thing by praising her when she lets one pass and taking her straight home from her walk if she lunges or barks. She's also gotten more friendly with strangers over time. She gets along fine with my 95lb black lab/pitbull but barked at him at the first intro. He's pretty passive and didn't bark back and ignored her when she used typical dog "I'm the boss" stuff like putting her her nose on the back of his head/neck. A minute later they were playing.

I've tried offering a treat when we get near other dogs as recommended; she'd get the treat if she behaves. Ignores it completely, even pieces of meat.

Any info would be appreciated!
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