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What town/city were you born in?

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What town or city were you born in and how far from it do you live now? I was born in Sherman,TX and live about 300 miles south from there.
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Janesville, WI. although I grew up just outside of Madison. I live about 250 mi away now.
b. Coupeville WA (Island Co. on Puget Sound)

now. North Little Rock, AR about 2600+ miles away
Born in Fairfax, VA technically but always say DC since its easier to explain the location (DC area).

Live about 980 miles away now in Mobile, AL.
Born in Sacramento, CA, and currently live 2,490 miles east of there.
Rocky River outside Cleveland Ohio...grew up in Canada and now live in Walton New York.
I was born in Louisville, KY

I know live in Saginaw, TX. A small little town on the outskirts of Ft. Worth.
Born in London, and now I live in Columbus OH. I think thats about 3700 miles - it's a lot, anyway!
Born in the lovely city of Detroit & live too close to it now.
A couple of years ago I was in Detroit for the first time. I was surprised to see Canada out my hotel window. The city's history seems pretty interesting, especially 20th century history. Ethnic diversity, auto industry, motown... Large, working-class cities have got to have their own rythmn and I suspect all the US ones are a bit strapped economically right now. But the industrial cities of the Great Lakes on east seem "real" in a way that some other US cities (Denver, Seattle, San Fransisco, Portland) don't.
I was born in Rockaway, NJ (not really NEAR anything) but closer to NY then Philly. I grew up in Long Valley, NJ (again not NEAR anything) and outside of London, UK. I went to college & lived just outside of Philadelphia, until I moved to York, PA where I live now.
Born in Baton Rouge, Lousiana.
Live in St. Louis, Missouri.

So, two states away.

(Funny, my other half was born in a hospital two blocks from our house. Talk about not getting very far in life!)
I was born in Buffalo. I live about 45 minutes away from there.
I was born in East Brady, Pa. I live about 60 miles from there now.
Born in Alameda, California, lived there for 27 years, and now live less than 15 miles away.
Born & raised in the windy city, Chicago. Live about 30 miles away now, just far enough for Sean to have a nice sized yard but close enough to visit whenever I want.
I was born in Red Bank, NJ. I lived all of my life in Port Monmouth (Middletown Twp.) until I moved here in '96. "Home" is just under 50 miles away.
Metz, France, my brother and I were both born on a Canadian Forces Base in France.

Okinowa, Japan.

My dad is a Marine, and was stationed in Naha, Okinowa. My mother stayed over sea's with him aswell.
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