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So my boy is now nearly 8 months, since I got him I've had a battle with his diet.
Anything that isn't dog food goes straight through him (I know they're not supposed to eat human food anyway, but I thought a bit of a sausage wouldn't hurt, how wrong I was!).
So I got him on a diet of dry and wet food, Wainwright's large breed dry puppy food and the Wainwright's tins/trays, everything was fine for a few months. Over the past few days he's having really loose mushy poo again, I've noticed it's when he has the trays, I'm just wondering if anyone else has had the same issues? I don't know what the best wet food to give him that's kind on his stomach?
I've got a weight/diet consultation booked with my vet but that's not for over another week yet.
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