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I'd try to find a place where you and she can sit and see strangers from a distance--but not so close that she reacts.

Example--perhaps there's a bench in a park where you could sit with her that overlooks a ball field. She could sit quietly with you there, while strangers come and go--but at a safe distance. In this scenario you should be chatting the whole time..."oh, look , Poppet--see, there's another man. He looks nice. That must be his wife. They sure look like nice people. You see all kinds of strangers here, don't you?..." and just keep up the happy chatter.

As long as Poppet is calm and quiet, keep stroking her and giving her treats.

When you're sure she is comfortable with this level of interaction with strangers, then it's time to move closer. Same routine. Perhaps this time it's the parking lot of a store. You can stand at the edge of the lot, and see people walking in and out of the store.

The idea is to set her up to succeed. Only push her as far as you can where you are comfortable that she will react correctly...then push her just a teeny bit beyond. Master that much, then move closer.

Right now, meeting strangers directly on the street is more than she can handle. Pushing her into that situation and letting her bark her head off is just reinforcement of the wrong kind.
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