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What to do in Little Rock, AK?

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Radar is going on a "vacation" back to his breeders this weekend and the rest of the family will be at the Peabody in Little Rock for a few days. Any cool dog stuff to visit or other suggestions? Its our first time there! My husband will be there for business so it will mostly be me in the girls (11 and 14yrs) hanging out plus DH will want to eat some nice dinners! Thanks!
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I'll send you a PM Which I did but let me add that if you like history a trip to Hot Springs (1 hours southwest) is worth the drive. Bath house row is a series of historic bathhouses - one is another Park site interpretive building - restored the way it was. At least one of the other ones is operating (I think) as a bath house.

I guess I should sign up for a job at the chamber of commerce....
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