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?????? What the heck ????

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CJ (11 weeks old) and Stella Mae (6 years old) eat each others food. We have seperated them, stood over them and even fed Stella outside and CJ inside but to no avail. They are both eating Neutro. Stella Mae eats a sensitive stomach product and CJ eats the large breed puppy. Neither one has had problems with digestion yet. So the main question is will the adult food make problems for CJ and will the puppy food make problems for Stella?
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The adult food shouldnt hurt CJ. Most members here dont even use puppy food for their pups, they feed an adult food. The puppy food with stella i would keep an eye on, so she doesnt eat to much of it, it will put extra weight on her.
We never fed Rocky puppy food. Currently he is 90 lbs and his shoulder is 26" from the ground.
be carefull with the the Nutro foods. i've been hearing alot of bad things about them. i have a 10 month old boy. we got him at 9 weeks old and we never gave him puppy food. we used Natural Balance. we mixed it with ground beef or boneless and skinless chicken. he stopped eating it so we switched to Wellness dry and we mix in some Wellness can food. the first few days he gobbled it down. now he's backed off of it. i think he doesn't need as much to eat now. we were feedeing him a cup and a 1/2 in the AM and a cup and a 1/2 in the PM. he's 87.5 lbs. in your case the adult food for the puppy is probably ok. the puppy food for the adult i'm not sure. the puppy food for the adult might have to much protein in it. talk to your Vet. i'm sure you'll get an answer from this forum.
My Bretta is now 4 and was never really on puppy food. A good balanced premium adult food seems to do fine for our pups.
Now I'm more confused than ever about the food I'm feeding them. I took the time to read the information about Nutro and many other brands and also called the vet who said Nutro was a good brand. I know that dogs can have different sensitivities to food just like people and that they have different likes and dislikes. Stella Mae is picky because we made her that way by giving her treats and leftovers. We are trying hard to not do that with CJ so I don't want to keep changing his food. He started on Diamond with the breeder but we can't get it near our house. Now he is on Nutro and there are questions about its quality. What do I do? He has not had major problems on the Nutro other than not wanting to eat it dry. I'm afraid that if I spice it up he will be just as picky as Stella Mae is.
If he is doing well on a food and likes it I would leave him on it and add vitamins to his food. I am not familiar with Nutro so I can't comment on it. But it's easy to supplement.
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