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what size shade

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Gracie's car crate is 36" wire crate. It is up against the back seats so 3 sides are exposed. What size sun shade do you recommend I purchase? It is in the back of a Jeep Grand Cherokee. Also, are there cooling beds or mats to put in the crate (that aren't super expensive)? I'd love some recommendations and/or places to purchase. THANKS!
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These are the cooling mats / beds I'm aware of. I think an average price tag of about $50 is what you might expect to see.

Canine Cooler

Cool Bed II

Cool Bed III

Coldanna Cooling Mat

Miracool Dog Mat

Canine Cool Pad
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THANKS!! Any suggestions for shades?
Sorry ... would love to help with shades, but I don't have any experience with those, so I can't make any recommendations.
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