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What size of crate does your GSD use?

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We have a 6 month old male GSD named Link. Right now he is sleeping in a 36"x22"x25" (lxwxh) wire crate. We are debating if he is going to need the next size up or not and when. Right now he is 61.5 lbs and 24 inches at the shoulder. Just wondering what size of crate everyone uses for what size of dog they have. Thanks.
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based on his age & size, i think eventually you'll have to move up a size.

my male is 1.5yrs 73lbs 25" and he's in a 42" L x 28" W x 30" H
We started off with a 36Lx23wx25h and he looked so tiny in there! A few months later, we had to upgrade and Chevy is now 6 months old and is in a 42Lx28wx31h.
I started with 48" for Dante (Lifestages so had the barrier) but recently donated that one and got him a 42" 'cause he was ALWAYS laying cross ways in the back and well I can use the room

Of course now he's not even using a crate
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Thanks. I think we will order the 42x27x30 wire crate from Costco. It is a really good deal at $80 and even if we don't use it for a couple of months at least we will have it. It seems like he has been growing overnight.
Janka, 8 month old pup, was introduced to a 42" long crate. I do not know the rest of the dimensions, but I am sure it's the same as the others using the same length. I figure the height and width would play out nicely and proportionately, so I haven't bothered after finding one I feel is long enough for her.

She still uses it and definitely sees it as her own private, personal space.

~ Rei
Morgan's crate is around the 42Lx28wx31h range. It originally belonged to one of my males who was about 27" tall. Morgan graduated to that when she was 6 months old becuase she kept taking her original crate apart.

My weird idea for when our puppy comes home is to put a little travel crate inside of the big crate. I thought about partitioning it off but then I'd have to buy a new crate liner too - Morgan tried to eat it and now it's all stuck back together with carpet tile!
We have an XL Bentatec crate for the pups. Size is 109x71x79.5cm or 42.9x28x31.3inches I had to find a conversion calculator.
This is the exact one we have for all three.
Molly's in a 48" crate at home and has a 36" crate in the car and also a 36" soft crate. We got the big one for home because we got it really cheap from the groomer my MIL used for her dogs, so we went with the large one. If I had to downsize, I would go with the 42" crate for home.
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Kenya uses a 36" but she is 21" and 58lbs. Her soft crate is larger, like 40" (not as big as Coke's 42").
I think you will probably need to the next size up. My male is 15 months old, 80lbs and 26" at the shoulder. In the house he has a 48" wire crate (35" high) so he can stretch out at home, he transports in the car in a plastic 500 series crate, which I think is 40".

Our female, who is 5 1/2 months old, 48 lbs, is also in a 48" crate (33" tall) at home, but with a divider right now. Her car crate has just been upgraded to a 400 series crate, which I believe is 36". I expect her to be about 70lbs when she's done, but she looks like she'll be tall.
Most of my adult dogs use a 500 size Vari Kennel. Alexis is in a wire crate that is 28wX42LX30H.
I have the 48" wire crate. It included a movable wire wall so we could "right size" it as he grew. He has been without the divider wall for some time now. I can't imagine a full sized GSD in anything smaller.
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