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What should I do?

  • Stay with Natural Balance

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  • Go back to Orijen

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  • Try an all-Nature's Variety raw diet

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  • Other

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I'm really at a loss in terms of what I should be feeding Dutch now.

Started on Orijen with one meal of Nature's Variety RAW.

He didn't like Orijen so we switched to Nature's Logic with the Nature's Variety.

He got sick with really bad diarrhea so we switched him to boiled rice and chicken.

Now we've got him on Nature's Balance Bison. It's a limited ingredient/allergy kibble and he seems to be doing really well on it.
**** Van Patten's Natural Balance L.I.D. Limted Ingredient Diets Sweet Potato & Fish Formula

So here's the problem... we put him on the Natural Balance because the vet told us to give him something that would be really easy on his stomach. I've also been doing a lot of research on him being down on his hocks, and I was worried that we had been giving him too much protein.

(Here's a link to the thread talking about him being down on his pasterns)

The Natural Balance is 20% protein and 1% calcium.

Should I try to transition him back to Orijen in a couple months? He just doesn't seem to like any of the kibbles. I'd put him on an all-raw diet but it's so expensive.

I'm just trying to get some kind of an idea of what would be best for him. Keep him on the lower protein? Go back to Orijen? Try an all-raw diet?

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Here is my 2 cents. I know we all want the best for our dogs, and sometimes that translates into buying more expensive food, higher protein, whatever. However. Look at what you said.

he seems to be doing really well on it.
Leave him alone for a while. IN my opinion it is infinitely worse to keep switching a puppy around than to just leave them alone. Let their growing systems have a break and achieve some equilibrium before you start to throw another wrench into the mix. I've seen people before who were constantly dealing with diarrhea, loss of weight, and general upset tummy in their quest to force certain diets on their pups. No thank you. If they eat it, they look good and healthy, well then we're going to stick with it.

I raised several of my dogs on NB Fish and Sweet Potato until I switched to TOTW (which was simply cheaper for me with 5 dogs), and while it's not as highly rated as some kibbles and some people hate the high potato're certainly not feeding pedigree and if it WORKS for your dog...well then it WORKS. My dogs always looked great on NB, never had any poop problems or itch issues.

If you are concerned about the low protein, I used to supplement with some of the Evanger's 100% meat canned food or the Wellness 95% meat or Wellness canned tripe. You can get the Salmon and that way still keep everything limited ingredient.
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