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what poop bag do you use

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we are looking for an environmentaly safe, even biodegradable waste/poop bag. we were getting ours really cheap at big lots (Noz2Noz) but now they don't have them and we are running out.

what do you use and where do you buy them?

obviously we go thru a lot so cost is definitely a factor.

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I can't think of the brand right away, but those blue bags sold in spools to go into those little plastic leash things are biodegradeable. At least the ones I buy at Petsmart are. It says it right on the package. I don't use the leash thing, but just buy the spools and tear off each bag like at the grocery store when fruit shopping. I think there are 30 bags per spool, and a 9-pack of spools was like $10-$12.

I also just save up plastic shopping bags while I'm using the blue ones, and use those when the blue ones run out.
In my current neighborhood, the property management has installed "pick up stations" that consist of a dispenser that holds biodegradable pick up bags and a trash can to put them in, both mounted to a lamp post. If I need any extra when we go out hiking and such, I usually just pull them out of the dispenser and put them in my pocket.

The kind they use is the Mutt Mitt -

The company sells to the general public as well. You can get 200 count, 100 count, and 30 count packs from the company. The 200 count is probably the best bang for your buck. It comes to $.15 cents a bag, though.

They currently have a sale on the 100 count ones.
I use the green ones that are long and thin with little ties at the top. They are supposedly biodegradable. I think I got them at or
Where do you dispose of the biodegradable bags? I was all excited about them but now I'm thinking that if I just throw them in a regular trash can with a regular trash bag or into the herbie which goes in the regular landfill, that the anaerobic environment means nothing is degrading anyway.

Currently we're using grocery bags. Periodically if I'm watching TV or something I'll grab a big bunch and sit down to check them for holes and then fold them up very small. We keep the folded bags in a drawer by the back door so I can grab a bunch on my way out.

I don't like that I'm taking something so biodegradable and enclosing it in something that last forever, but I really don't want to leave biodegradable bags out anywhere to biodegrade - we walk a lot and produce quite a few.

But I'm all for being more enviro if possible. Not to thread jack, but has anybody come up with a green solution?
Mine go in the trash. Actually I rarely use them. Neither of my dogs will poop on walks and won't poop in a new place unless it's been over 24 hours. The only poop/pee in the yard, which I go around scooping into a bucket and then depositing waaaaaaaaaay in the back into my poop pile where they can't get to.

Oh (*(%$*%$ you just reminded me.....both of our dogs miraculously pooped in a baseball field this weekend. The poop bags....we tied them off and put them in my trunk....they are STILL IN THERE!!!!! aaaaaah
Here is the green solution:

1. Take and old garbage can and drill a dozen or so holes in the side.
2. Cut out the bottom (A keyhole saw works great for this.)
3. Dig a hole in the ground, deep enough for the garbage can.
4. Toss some rocks or gravel in the hole for drainage and position the garbage can so it's a little higher than the soil level.
5. Place the lid on top (you might want to paint it with something like Dog Waste Composter.)
6. When you scoop some poop, put it in the hole and sprinkle in some septic starter (available at hardware stores) and add some water.

According to the web site, "Within 48 hours, the septic tank starter, (which is non-caustic and promotes natural bacterial growth) will have begun its work and you can add more dog doo. You can then begin to add it daily. This waste biodegrades and flows into the subsoil."
Thanks Ruth!!! I have been contemplating going out and buying one of those expensive composte bins just for dog poop, now I have a much cheaper solution!! You are a life saver! Now my husband can quit complaining about the stinky trashcan every week!
Interesting! Though I wonder how quickly that thing breaks it down. I bet we could fill that up in a week. Oh the joys of having too many dogs!

Still, anything I keep out of the landfill is better than nothing. Thanks for the tip!
Originally Posted By: LiesjeOh (*(%$*%$ you just reminded me.....both of our dogs miraculously pooped in a baseball field this weekend. The poop bags....we tied them off and put them in my trunk....they are STILL IN THERE!!!!! aaaaaah
Been there!

I actually buy bags. I buy large produce bags on the roll (not printed. Less ink and clear plastic is a bit of an environmental help).

These are big, have no holes and are perfect for picking up several (3-4 easily) piles of poop with a single bag. Also, when I tie them, they seal airtight (as opposed to grocery store bags). The rolls store much more easily in the house than a bunch of loose bags do too. I have one in each car as well as one inside each door of the house. Buying several rolls at a time gets me a quantity discount too!

I use canvas bags at the grocery store and don't take home any of their bags at all. I'm still using bags and putting them in landfill. I don't see any way around it (Our ground water drains into a salmon-spawning creek, so I'm not comfortable composting feces). But I use about 300-400% fewer bags, so the overall impact is less.
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Haha, I've done that too. At least you didn't do it in the summer! I walked a bunch of dogs last summer, and one of the rules is that if the client doesn't have an established poop bin, you have to take it with you. OMG, the stench of poop in my trunk in 90-degree weather...I still don't know how the smell managed to go away.

I squeeze two piles into those little dog bags, lol. Because I'm cheap, plus it helps cut down. The ones I use are biodegradeable. I made the mistake of leaving the lid off the poop bin by the door and didn't realize water had gotten in. Come trash day, when I dumped the can into the rest of the trash, it was a half-melted mess. At least I know they work! But I guess it doesn't really matter if they still go into a regular trash bag.
I know it's not a "green" way to dispose of poop, but....

I save (and have my parents save) their bread bags. Once they are done with a loaf of bread, they dump the crumbs out and wala...instant poop bag. They almost never have holes in them. I put them on like a glove and pick it up with my hand, then take it off turning it inside out as I take it off. Tie it in a knot and I'm good to go.

I guess you could kind of call it somewhat green...I'm not just throwing away a bread bag!
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