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I don't know if I have posted this in the right section or not, feel free to move if need be

This is a general question because I know a lot will depend on the individual dog.

There is a nine year old intact female that somebody is looking to get rid of, essentially this dog is of no use to them anymore because she is too old to be breeding, can't make them any more money.

This dog is posted for $100.00. I do not support BYB, but I feel very sorry for this dog. She has been chained to a dog house for 9 years, she has never seen the inside of a house, she has pumped out litter after litter of puppies and I worry about where this dog will end up for $100.00.

If I were to go get this dog I'm wondering what I would be in for as far as her behavior where she knows nothing but being chained to that dog house and producing puppies. Would it entirely depend on the dog as to what I can expect. I would just love to let this dog live out her senior years in the comfort of my home so I'm considering it.
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