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My male is 17mo, My female is 8yrs w/ HD.

AM - I take both on a 1.5 mile (round trip) walk that ends up at the park where i let the dogs loose and they play for just about 10mins before we return home.

Midday - I take my boy alone for a 30 minute training session, then meet up with about 20 people from the neighborhood for a play group (most of the dogs are around the same age and get along great unlike my experiences at the dog park). this varies from 1-2 hours depending on my schedule and if I get there on time.

PM - Our night routine varies. If i take them out with me (in the car) then we stop at a park on the way home. If i don't have any meetings or appointments in the evening then I just play fetch with them (I have a long fenced in driveway which runs the full length of the property and they can run faster than in my small backyard)

And thats about it. On weekends or a couple times during the week - I take them to the beach or to my cousins house to swim in the pool.
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