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I got 2 GSDs, Cody is 2 yrs old, Brandie is 5 mths old.
I walk Cody around the block in the morning OR I play ball on the yard OR every other day in the spring-summer-fall I take him running next to the bike, for about 10-15 minutes.
I play ball with Brandie in the morning and do some obedience on some mornings.
I play ball with Brandie for about 10-15 minutes. I take Cody for a walk or play ball or both. I don't take the dogs for walks together on regular basis, since BRandie is still so young. I play ball with her a couple of times in the evening, and do some obedience. On nights when we go to training, I play a little with both, then we go to training.
I am very careful with BRandie since she is so young, I don't want to overexercise her and hurt her hips or joints.. Playing ball with her for a while takes the edge off, and she is calmer LOL!
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