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Morning (first thing in the morning) 1 hour soccer or frisbee in our yard

Either noon-ish or after dinner (depending on our schedule) 30-45 minute walk around the neighborhood just to see what's going on what's going on

Afternoon -- 1 hour of something fun and vigorous -- fetch or frisbee at the park, hike/trail run in our woods, tracking lessons. Wednesdays, he swims for a full hour in a full-size pool -- jumps in, swims to the shallow end, gets out, runs around, jumps in...non-stop for an hour.

Late evening (around 10pm) soccer with Dad.
approx 45 minutes

Camper takes obedience classes 2x/week, and does half-day ob training one day a week, but I don't count these as "exercise." They're great mental exercise. (He also works with me during the day in between morning and late afternoon exercise sessions). But he has to have intensive physical exercise as well.
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