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WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?! (dog aggressive little dog)

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Not sure if this is the correct place to post this so Mods feel free to move where it needs to go.

Thanksgiving, we haven't eaten yet as our turkey didnt thaw fast enough the last couple days for us to have started this morning. Shelby and i went to go check the mail as we havent done it in a couple days. We as we're walking back home from the mailbox, some idiot steps out into his open garage with his little ankle biter terrier mix thing, see's us walking and minding out own business and tells the dog "go get em!" This little yipper yap comes flying down the driveway at us growling and barking and just generally being what we all expect from yipper yaps. Obnoxious little monster. Shelby is wagging her tail being a good girl despite the fact she doesnt like other dogs running up on her like that. This little terrorist proceeds to BITE her pretty hard on her leg and then proceeds to go for her face. Shelby, naturally reacted to protect herself. I pulled Shelby back and told her to stop, which she did, and punted the dog back up the driveway. The guy comes down the driveway to get the little beast saying how sorry he is for his dogs behavior. I exploded on him. Called base police and told them what happened. The little dog has been confiscated and deemed a hazard as it was the 2nd strike on him. Shelby has a vet appointment in the morning to look at her leg which has a couple bite marks on it. the MPs took down statements and got copies of the monsters vaccines records. I was soooooo ticked off. Shelby is not being blamed for anything, even the guy said his dog started it.

I'm glad Shelby stopped when i told her to. I didnt expect it. I know i would certainly have trouble stopping from being mean right back if someone attacked me but she did. She was very good. I just couldnt believe this guy sending a dog he knows isnt friendly to other dogs down at us like that! The dog was not on a leash but Shelby was so that was in my favor as well. JUST ARG! What is wrong with people? I'm still shaking i'm so mad. I just cant believe how stupid people can be sometimes. Shelby is not aggressive. She likes meeting other dogs. But NOT when they behave that way.
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Sometimes I'm really glad we live in the country. Less idiots per square mile. :)
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