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What is this?? (Photos included)

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I found these lesions on Saber today, any idea what they are? I'm going to call the vet in the am. He does try to lick them, so I'm guessing they irritate him.

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I guess, in light of the the other ongoing discussion, we should tell you to see the vet. But that is not why you posted the question here, I assume.
I am calling the vet in the am, I was hoping someone would have an idea, so that if there was something I could do before hand I would.

What other discussion?
possibly flea allergy dermatitis or Black fly bites from my own experiances.

there is a discussion about calling the vet vs. seeking internet advice going
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About the medical advice given on the internet by non-vets.
is this a young dog. some dogs when they are young get puppy acne.
He is about 1 year old. He is on a mixture of Canidea & Raw. I have checked him and haven't seen any fleas. (none on the other dogs either)
Looks like Skye's stomach before her allergies were identified. She used to break out very badly and get lethargic.

Glad you are going to the vet soon - must be uncomfortable whatever it is.

Do you have any oatmeal shampoo to try on her in case she got into some weeds she is allergic to? Might make her feel a little better.
These look exactly like what my pup had/has. My vet scraped for sarcoptic mange that came back negative. He pretty much said it was likely to be flea allergy. I switched to Pro Meris flea and tick killer. It seems to be doing a lot better than Frontline was. Anyway, the vet told me that it really didn't take a lot of flea bites to trigger the allergy and that each red spot was not neccesarily a bite location. I'm going to give the ProMeris a chance to kill everything that the poison doesn't get and see if his skin gets better. Right now he's got flaky skin on his back. The lesions have healed up quite bit. The vet originally had me bathing a lot with flea shampoo but after seeing the skin opined that i had kind of overdone it. So he's sure getting a little funky but doesn't seem to scratch as much.
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I would venture to say some type of allergy, might not be fleas, it could be grass or a pollen or something else.

Looks just like what Mas gets, flea allergy. He also has no fleas when I see the sores on him. Only thing is he gets frantic with scratching and can not settle as he literally runs from room to room. I give him an all natural antihistamine and that results in almost immeditate comfort. But check with your vet before you give your guy anything
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Any chance it could be a staph infection? Rocky had one early on but I dont remember exactly what it looked like.

Hopefully the vet will be able to get rid of it quick. Looks like it would be very uncomfortable.
I am second to guess a staph infection...pyoderma?
my beagle got those bad when she had an allergic reaction to some new food. Oatmeal bath helped her a lot. Might help relieve the itchyness until you can see the vet
I just found the info on Canidea which is what he's on. I checked the bag and it looks like the old ingrediants. Does anyone know if they can change the ingrediants and not change the bag?
I've read something somewhere about they can use up all of their old bags with the new ingredients. I think it said some do and some don't.
Helpful huh?
So what did this turn out to be?

That one really raised bump is weird-looks like it wants to pop.

The bad thing about the flea or food or whatever allergy stuff is that they get a secondary infection from it.

Forgot to mention-my vet told me never to futz around with skin stuff before I bring them in-no baths, washing, etc. (because they get right in-it's not a long waiting period-then we'd have to figure something out) because you can "destroy the evidence" that they are going to be looking for, including odor.
The raise bump is actually a nipple that is swollen. I have an appointment at 5:30pm so I'll post tonight on the vertict. Good info on "destroying the evidence".
My Mick had a very similar rash when he came to me. It was characterised as a skin infection of unknown cause (but probably from unhygienic conditions at the shelter) and we treated by washing with disinfectant soap and then spraying on antibiotic treatment. He responded really fast - it cleared in a very short time.

Hope yours clears as quickly.
Whew! Glad it was a nipple! A nipple with attitude, but still...better than a big raised sore. I am betting that it is a staph infection caused by a mystery like dd said! Or maybe caused by bug bites...will check for an update tonight!

Yeah-I destroyed the evidence-that is how I knew...
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