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Sometimes I visit youtube and I see dogs so well behaved, very focus and etc.
We walk, play with flirtpole, train but I can't seem to get him to focus... he just wants to play...
He's a puppy!
Break your actual training sessions into short spurts 10-15 minutes tops. Throw in lots of fun play during the session so he looks forward to it.

There are exercises you can do to gain better focus but after your dog has learned the basics like sit, down, stay, you can praise and sometimes treat for these behaviors as they happen sporatically through the day. So if he walks up to you out of the blue and sits, praise and treat, that kind of thing.
Training doesn't always have to happen during a set time, it's something you do by just reinforcing and acknowledging a dogs good behavior .

Don't let Youtube drive you crazy. Everyone trains at different speeds and for different reasons...and many people put up videos of their dogs being buttheads?:)
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