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How old is Mia?

Despite what some people seem to think, puppy food isn't just some marketing gimmick- ESPECIALLY not for large breed puppies.

Many foods claim to be "all life stages"... while this is in fact NOT the case at all. For puppies, specifically large breeds, the most important thing to look for (outside of the usual- no corn/wheat/soy/etc), is the calcium/phosphorus ratios. For a large breed pup specifically, these numbers should NOT be above 1.5 for calcium, and 1 for phos. Too much of either can lead to bone and joint issues, as the excess can cause abnormally fast bone growth.

I say stick to a puppy food OR a TRUE ALS food who's numbers fit within the 1.5:1 c/p ratio.

Also, "meal" simply means the meat is exclusive of water content. Think of it almost like dehydrated meat.
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