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when i was very young in michigan my dad bred english springer spaniel hunting dogs, excellent dogs. loved 'em to death. but my first personal dog was when i was 4yrs old, a gsd/collie mix. all of my dogs throughout my life have been either collie or gsd or a mix of the 2, with some other breeds living w/us along the way, but always some semblence of the other 2 there also.

my husband on the other hand never in his life even had a pet of any kind until he met me. now in 25yrs, he hasn't been w/out one. we got our gsds now because he decided he wanted something that would be naturally protective of the family and look good too. of COURSE i'm gonna say gsd :D, but when i tried to explain all the reponsibility and care and work that goes into having them. he really didn't want to hear it. and i think that's what happens w/alot of ppl that just go ahead get a gsd w/out really thinking it over. it's pretty, it's protective, it looks good on the front lawn, it's scary looking when it barks.

but no one ever considers how easily those scary teeth can break down a leather sofa, a rocking chair, charge thru a front window, bite an innocent bystanding IF IT HAS NO TRAINING. that's why there's always 8-20 gsds/malinois/shepherds in the Miami-Dade animal control center. cuz no one takes the time to research or look at forums like this one. what's funny, is it's sooooooooo easy to get information these days. it's all right there at our fingertips and no one looks. lol so many suffer for that lack of care.

1 - 1 of 42 Posts
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