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Getting Daisy was a rash reaction to losing my husbands lab mix Sassy. No thought ,very dumb.She has been a learning experience and a half. We were not prepared and she was badly spoiled. I grew up w/ outside dogs and my moms side of the family all had labs,springers and brittany's w/ the occassional collie thrown in. I knew jack about GSDs or raising a dog.. Daisy got Parvo. we then found out her dad was super aggressive w/ people,She got kicked out of basic obedience class twice.They said she needed to be in asmall class for very aggressive dogs ,then we had issues w/ her and small children . She as I have said in other threads rounded up riders on horseback from a renactment group ,chased down a guy who used our phone ,didn't bite but broke through the storm door jumped on him ,knocked him down stood on him. There are so many things I didnt know. We did alot of training at home ,modified the enviroment ,and tried to find ways to help her learn.She got better ;Igot greyer My husband was told and according to AKC papers she is of championship lines he thought we could breed . Her puppyhood made me wonder if she would live. Her first heat at 7months happened only becausese the parvo delayed her getting spayed. Sometimes when new people get on here (im a new person) and its their first GSD I recognize the panic ,pride ,loveand bewilderment they feel. What I know now isSocialize,Socialize ,socialize,train ,train .train and first and foremost research. I look back and realize it was my mistakes that lead to alot of Daisy's problems.Now my issue is she's calmer and easier to deal w/ but at 11 she's at a different stage and meeting her needs still keeps me jumping. I love all dogs and would like to have adifferent breed but I picture a German Shepherd when you say dog.
1 - 1 of 42 Posts
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