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Getting Skylar was by far the best decision i've ever made- i researched for over a year, and thought i was prepared.
yeah, right.
I started socializing skylar at 9 weeks old as soon as i got her- she went everywhere- baseball games, beach, playgrounds, parks, town, wherever i went, she was there. I was in no way prepared for her to get aggresively charged at by a lab, and have to start dealing with meeting dogs/people in a whole new way, because skylar gets upset/scared/angry when meeting a lot of people and dogs now. SO, make sure that you're prepared for the most unexpected situations, and that you'll be able to deal with whatever happens, expect the unexpected :) Be prepared to use your patience, and if you don't have any- GET SOME. It takes a lot of dedication. People have told me they want a GSD because of skylar, how smart and easy to train she looks- They are so smart, but have so much energy and don't train themselves!
With all that said :sleep: getting, training, loving skylar has been the most amazing thing that's ever happened to me, whenever she learns something new it's the best feeling in the world, i'm always amazed at how incredible she is. :wub:
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