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Nash would love a home where he could be with his person every second of every day, and doing fun things every second of every day, like playing fetch and being off leash at the park and eating yummy things and where he was allowed to boss around the other dogs and any other animals to his hearts content.

Now what he wants and what he needs as a minimum to be happy and content with life are two different things, lol.

What he needs, as a minimum are 1-2 hours of good exercise a day (we do this in the form of walks, jogging, fetch, swimming when its warm enough, running on a treadmill, off leash hikes through the park with a backpack on). Food, limited or he would eat himself to death probably. Mental stimulation, we do a track or cadaver work daily, as well as a couple of short obedience sessions (10 minutes or so) and he gets 1 meal a day out of a toy at least. Rules, without rules that are enforced . . . he would not be very fun to live with, especially for the other animals in the house, lol.

I spend most of my time when I am not working or sleeping entertaining my dogs (my mutt is just as high maintenance, but he at least can go to dog daycare with me).
1 - 1 of 42 Posts
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