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What happened to transport info for Mid-Atlantic??

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There used to be a thread here for those willing to help out with transports in the Mid-Atlantic area. Now I only see transport info threads for Southern, Midwest, and New England states.

Did it get pruned when work was done on the board last week?
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NW is gone to, I'm guessing they hadn't been posted in recent enough time and got pruned.
DOH! I thought I bumped those or that they were recent enough! I went through and bumped a lot of other rescue stories threads...


I can re-do those tonight when I come back on and have people update. Double poop.
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I thought all the transport info threads were stickies and wouldn't have gotten pruned.
Sticky threads keep them at the top of the list. When it was necessary to do a Global prune of threads, it goes by the last date of a post in a thread.
Ah, that explains it. I thought stickies were "forever."
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