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What else should i be doing with them. i have 1 gsd and 1 weimaraner both are 10 weeks old and both males, they Know off, sit, wait well for about 1 maybe 2 mins and come even when they are playing, i walk them on the lead around my back yard but think they are to young to do proper training on the lead, i just do not know what i should be doing nexts.
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how about down, heel
Oh yer i forgot about that
for about 10 years i have only had the older dogs that no one wants so a bit rusty on puppy training. should i still be using treats?
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When Jesse was 8 weeks I started training him in all commands and treated him like an adult ie anything I didn't want to see in an adult dog I wouldn't let Jesse do. I also took him on very small walks three times a day and very slowly built that up because I know big breeds you have to be careful not to over exercise until they are grown, but I am also a believer to start them off slow and work up so they get build some muscles to help protect them as well. Jesse is 6 months now and an amazing well behaved and well loved and healthy pup and he has been a pleasure to raise because Jesse knows his place in the pack (at the bottom
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I was training Mandalay to go to her crate and then all of a sudden I guess she got tired of going in the crate. Over the last few days she would lay down, walk away, go over to eat/drink/sit/etc when I told her to go to the crate. She watched me, so she knew what she was suppose to be doing but I would have to walk over and get her and walk her to the crate.

Then two days ago I got some puperoni's from the store. Wouldnt ya know that dog suddenly remember what "go to your crate" means? In fact, now if I take a puperoni out of the package, she will RUN FULL SPEED to the crate before I even say a word to her about it. Even if I am in another room from where the crate is kept.

It is amazing how much they are like children and how quickly their memory can be triggered with a simple sausage stick bribe.

I often wonder who is actually training who in my home.
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Originally Posted By: mom of tyOh yer i forgot about that
for about 10 years i have only had the older dogs that no one wants so a bit rusty on puppy training. should i still be using treats?
What we did with Apollo is that we used treats with him whenever we were teaching him a new command or whenever we were lengthening or improving upon a command. After he masters that command, we start training him without treats because he loves to please. If he's having problems focusing on me, then I bring treats and work on 'focus' (which is an excellent command btw). But a little training every day should do wonders.
Obedience isn't key for me at that age. All 'tricks' I train but for fun fun fun.

The key thing for me is the socialization. Taking the pup in the car, going for long car rides, meeting tons of new people, going to tons of new places, visiting family, friends, downtown, new sights, new sounds, elevators? farms? alarms? playgrounds?

Creating a confident and happy puppy in any situation guarantees that when I do start up with the more serious training, after 6 months, they are calm and able to focus. Making the group dog classes go so much easier.

CREATING AND MAINTAINING toy and play drive no matter how crowded the conditions or what is going on. It seems like it would be easy to 'teach your puppy to play'. But for most people this is much harder then a 'sit'. And much more valuable for the life of your dog. If you can link to this 'play' to motivate your dog (and later use it in training) you'll have a dog that loves to learn and train WITH YOU!

Socialization, creating toy drive, and tons of exercise are my focus for puppies.

Some great sites about what is important to do with puppies:
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