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My "homework" is to pick what I want Elsa to do for an indication of a find. I have decided I don't want her to do the body slam. I'm thinking a bark? She hardly ever barks, so I would be able to pick up on it.

What does everyone else use?
My dog does a body slam and I DON'T recommend it. He is an amazing dog and I've gotten a huge number of compliments on him - except the indication. He jumps up to face level and hurls his WHOLE body at me in excitement - 60 lbs. Luckily, Mason is very conscientious and NEVER hits me coming down a hill or from behind, he prefers to come straight in front of me on a flat surface to bump me. However, if he can't get flat then he'll do less of a hit - which for testing purposes looks sloppier even though I KNOW he's indicating. I had to teach him to hit me from behind for testing, but he won't do it in real scenarios. I suggest the bringsel - unless your dog is a natural barker - I've seen training mess the dog up trying to force a bark. The nose to hip sounds very viable too.
1 - 1 of 27 Posts
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