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What do you think of his movement?

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Took these pics a couple of days ago and thought I'd see what you all think of his movement? He was just wandering around the park so they aren't perfect pics. He is nearly 5 months old now

Excuse the angle on this one, looks a little funny

Ohh.. and sneak in a head shot, yes he will look a lot nicer once he's done teething and those ears are back up
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Got a stacked pic too, so would love a critique on his movement, head and conformation please!

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Overall I think he is a very nice looking pup. It could be just me, but I think his front could use a little more angulation. Color is just awesome!
Thanks Kris. I love his colouring and dark eyes

Anyone else please critique my boy
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Oh and just to add, his front legs are not perfectly straight, sorry, it's the best pic I got.
Anyone else have a moment to critique my boy?
He looks very balanced though he is falling a bit on his forehand as he moves. Excellent bone.
The front legs may straighten out as he gets more mature. Chase was east-west and cow howed, and now he much better.

I likethis guy, seems to have a good masc. head, and good reach. I agree with Kris on the shoulder. He's got good pigment also.
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