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............. so much as it is an animal that is EXTREMELY self secure, very aware of its space and presence, and isn't apt to being manipulated by outside forces. A not-always biddable dog, who is very likely to take charge of a situation without consent from the owner. When I think of a "dominant" dog, I think of an Akita, or a Neo Mastiff. Not crazy uncontrollable dogs, but dogs who are very (VERY) commanding in general presence, and will act when they feel action is needed......
Very true about very self confident dogs - but I don't think it is a breed thing - more of an individual dog thing although it might be more common in some breeds.

I have a male GSD (3yo) that is like that. A little DA aggressive at times but not bad and is by far the most self confident and independent dog i have ever owned or even seen. the animal behaviorist we consult with called him the "most self confident dog that she has ever came across". And she likes him very much! The breeder that we got him fromhas a Saturday class that a lot of her customers come to each week - she has told me that it seems like Baron considers all of these dogs HIS pack and that he is in charge.

It is very interesting to own such a dog, believe me. We have had many "discussions" on who is in charge over the last 3 years! He is a sweetheart most of the time!
121 - 121 of 121 Posts
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