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What do y'all think about pinning/alpha roll

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I have heard some people hate it and some people love it, or at least think it's a natural training method. I have never done this physically to my dogs but my pup Riley will submissivly roll on his back when I give him the "You're in trouble look." I used to get on the floor and play with him and that's when he started doing it. It would be when I would love on him and put my face around his neck. That's when he would automatically do it. Now he just does it if I give him a certain look, or when I give him a good ole belly rub! What is your opinion of people who purposfully incorporate "Pinning" or the "Alpha roll" for training?
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He is getting closer and closer to rolling over on his back for me to pet his belly, but it is his doing, not mine. I'm not brave enought to try to force him! Plus, when it's his idea, it seems like he's doing it out of respect for me instead of fear of me.
There ya go! He's comfortable putting himself in a submissive position with you, so I'd say you're doing a good job building trust.

I think alpha rolls are ridiculous btw...unless you're a wolf. :)
And when I used to do that stuff to my dogs it really did make me feel sick to see the fear in their eyes. Why do people want their dogs to fear them????? That's not true respect. :mad:
I agree. The animal learns to avoid the punishment but not necessarily respect the owner. It happens with parents and their kids too.
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