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What do y'all think about pinning/alpha roll

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I have heard some people hate it and some people love it, or at least think it's a natural training method. I have never done this physically to my dogs but my pup Riley will submissivly roll on his back when I give him the "You're in trouble look." I used to get on the floor and play with him and that's when he started doing it. It would be when I would love on him and put my face around his neck. That's when he would automatically do it. Now he just does it if I give him a certain look, or when I give him a good ole belly rub! What is your opinion of people who purposfully incorporate "Pinning" or the "Alpha roll" for training?
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Generally Alpha Rolling is stupid. First, because usually people use alpha rolling to get their dog/puppy to "submit" to their "dominance". I think this is taking advantage of a dog that is already willing to submit without needing to be physically forced to it. So basically alpha rolling is just bullying.

I mean really. Go ahead and try to alpha roll a 90lb male that really is bent on showing you who's boss. Let me know how your face fares in that encounter. :)

If you actually have a dog that wants to dominate you that you need to show superiority over...well then you probably need to be a very experienced handler or you need some serious professional training. Most dogs really don't want to challenge your authority to that level.

ETA- I do flip my dogs over on their back for belly rubs and for general handling purposes. I like to be able to mess with their belly for different reasons such as medical, etc. However, they are never struggling against it, it's always a calm pleasant thing that they allow because they trust me NOT to make them uncomfortable.
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