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Hello - I am looking for some description of what weak nerves look like? I'm wondering if my "complaints" about my dog are due more to me being a novice handler or genetics/temperament/nerves.

My idea of weak nerves: Skittish, anxious, whining, panting, pacing. General feeling of being on pins and needles. Looking around from side to side, nervous, spastic, whimpering.

My 1 yr old gsd has tendencies to behave like this often. Any stories/tips/ideas on how to best manage or change these behaviors would be great!

As of now I cut it short where I can. He starts pacing - I stop him. Whining/whimpering - I make him stop. Spastic looking around on walk - we stop and refocus. It is a repetitive process trying to keep his mind from going into anxious, panting, whine mode.

About our situation: Three dog household. 12 yr boxer, 7 yr lab, 1 yr GSD. I work from home and am able to spend most days w my dogs. We go on pack walks, walk individually, play ball, play tug, work obedience etc. They get toys inside and elk antlers to chew on. Two older dogs are great role models - very calm, stable, and confident.

GSD: Did a puppy class and a basic obedience class. WGSL/Am.SL. 12 months old. Intact male. Responds well to commands (sit, down, stay, eye contact, shake, spin, here, etc). Generally happy dog. Enjoys "urban agility", loves tug (plays well, outs) loves ball, walks okay on leash (wears a prong). Keeps up with me and for the most part fits my lifestyle great. I just wish I could help him with being so nervy a lot of the time.
Thanks for any insight!


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