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Going to start to travel alot more for training and showing and need some suggestions for new travel crate.

Currently I use a basic plastic crate which is fine, but need to upgrade as its a smidge too small for Alyska. I also feel like it doesn't allow for good air flow either and she has to be in it, in the car, for short periods of time during our IPO training. I live in Missouri so it gets pretty hot here.

I do have a cooling mat and a fan attachment for her, but trying to decide what type of kennel will be best overall.
My partner does feel that a metal crate may not be the best idea since my car has a large back window that could easily heat up the metal, so I'm at a bit of a standstill on my current options.

Would love to hear some suggestions.

**Updated to add:
I have also thought about just putting a barrier with a gate up in the back as well But not sure if that will give her too much space or not. I drive a VW Beetle Currently and the back seats are laid down for the crate to fit in the car securely.
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