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What could she be allergic to?

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Last year during the last week of March, Tessa's face swelled up. I was in the yard taking photos of my foster dog. When I zoomed in on Tessa across the yard I noticed she didn't look right. I ran over and her face was huge, with her eyes swollen shut.

We rushed off to the vet where they gave her a shot of steroids. The vet tech said she looked like a shar-pei mix. She was breathing fine but they wanted to keep her and make sure she didn't develop any breathing problems so I left for class and picked her up at closing. Because we were in the yard when it happened the vet thought it was probably an insect bite. But then I woke up this morning to find Tessa's eyes swollen shut again! Her lips were puffy but overall the swelling was only about half as bad as last year. So I gave her a prednisone and benedryl and just kept an eye on her. I felt every 15 minutes or so to make sure the swelling wasn't increasing. She wasn't in distress and was breathing fine, she's slept the whole day from the benedryl. The swelling is almost completely gone now, last year it took over 24 hrs for the swelling to go down. This didn't happen in 06, but I only just moved into this place in April 06. So theres something outside or inside that she's allergic to! Do I just expect this to happen next march/april? What would you guys do?
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Did they both happen outside? Is it too early for wasps to be coming out of the ground? I haven't seen bees here yet, only flies. Spider bite? She most likely was rummaging in the grass and happened upon something - but I agree, you need to know what that something is! If there was something she was allergic to, it wouldn't only happen the one time then not again. Did the swelling start out as small hives on her muzzle then "morph" into a giant, swollen muzzle? That leads me to believe it was an insect bite/sting. Poor baby - I know that look all too well from last years bee sting. If you figure it out, be sure to let us know. HUGS!!
Could be something that blooms this time of year (dogwood, maybe?), or it could be a bee sting. Many years ago, I had a beagle that liked to chase bees. The first time she got stung, I freaked, took her to the vet for a steroid shot, etc. A few years after that, she got stung again, but didn't swell up as bad. (She looked like a Shar-pei mix too, the first time.) The second time, I gave her Benadryl, and she was fine. I'd definitely keep Benadryl on hand, and maybe keep track what's blooming in your area.
This happened to one of my dogs. Vet said some sort of bug bite. It has never happened again. Hope that this is the case with you as well
I would have her allergy tested by the vet. It's better than guessing.
I too would have her allergy tested, that way at least you know one way or the other.

Poor, Tessa girl ... I hope she starts feeling better! I'll be thinking about her ... and you!
She's completely back to normal right now.

When it happened today she had not been outside. I woke up and saw it, she was inside a good 8 hours.

Since I was sleeping when it happened this time, I did not see how it started. However last time it happened very quickly and no it did not start out as any welts.

I can't afford an allergy test to test absolutely everything if this is going to be something that happens once a year and causes no complications (she was never distressed, and it never affected her breathing either last year or today). Its within 2 weeks from the time that it happened last year, as it happened the last week of March. I doubt thats a coincidence, but could be.
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