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Boom-boom (potty)
Mi-mi (bed time)
Laydown with finger horizontal (pet bed in HIS favorite spot)
Laydown (after sit usually) or finger pointed down to the ground
High five - yeah lol
Go get it - usually his ball, or item we were recently handling
Where is it - same as above to keep his attention on fining item if he gives up
Get your: bone, ball, toy, rope, toy
Yummies! - dinner or breakfast
Apples? His treat he goes nuts for! Sits and waits until i say "go ahead"

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Off the top of my head... sit, down, stay, come, heel, roll, paw, weave (she goes between my legs), side (when i want her in the heal position), ok (release command)... i'm sure there's some more, just can't think of them right now.

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sit, stay,come,heel, place ( go to his place ), crate ( go in his crate), leave it ,down ,paw, off, who's out there, catch it and back up. He also knows time for bed, want to go peepee and poop go downstairs, find it, where is it.

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Hm, I'm sure I'll forget something, but...

Sit (Sitz)
Down (Platz) (Mow)
Other Paw
Hive Five
Find It
Roll Over
Get In
Heel (barely)
Cross Paws
Back Up
Drop It
Leave It
Park It (goes to his dog bed)
Here (gets a treat from me)
Ok (release)
Bye-Bye (going on a trip, go to the door and sit/wait)
Come (about 90%)
Eat It
Bring It Here (a ball, toy, etc.)

And... I think that's it...

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Babsy knows:

GO TO MY CAR When we walk around town off lead on heel, I give this command and she runs to my car and waits in the back where the crates are.

MINE! For when she is being too much of an opportunist

GO TO THE HOUSE When I get her out of my car, or am doing something in the front yard, I say this, and she rushes to the front door and waits there.

GO INSIDE In the back yard, this gets her to go through the doggy door.

GO GET A DRINK OF WATER This gets her to go outside and get some water from her bucket.

GO TO MY BED Self -explanatory.

MOVE YOUR BUTT and she will get outta my way.

WOULD YULL -- this commands gets her to make a mad dash to the refridgerator and plunk her butt down in a sit at attention. (For some reason, the last three words to this command are not needed.)

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Sometimes I use German, sometimes Spanish, Sometimes English, Sometimes Troll.

What is troll?

EH! ERRrrrrgh, uh uh errrr uhm, GRrrrrh!
Somehow, they always seem to know what it is I want from them.

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just out of curiosity, (not trying to jack the thread) but how many people use german for their commands? i would but i'd forget the dang words LOL
I use german for a couple commands, only for intensive purposes though.

I can give Frag just about any visual and say whatever I want and he'll listen though. That's how MOW became down. He got it so often with the finger pointing down that MOW is its own command now. *shrugs*

Sometimes I do it for my own pleasure and yell things like soap, bagel, turtle, pickle, and potato while asking for common commands with visuals. :D

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I use all kinds of commands.

HUPP to get them up onto something

OFF to get them off

DONT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT to change their mind about something like stealing garbage, or chewing on a sister

GO IN, and GO THROUGH are one and the same, usually used to get them to go back into their kennels after romping in the yard.

RUN ABOUT A BIT -- that is when we are training, and I decide to give them a break, I will release them with this and let them run over and sniff the lawn, go potty, play with a toy.

SAY HELLO means to reach over and sniff a stranger's outstretched hand.

GENTLE means they have to be careful with their teethies.

DONT HURT THE SUZIE, means they have to be careful around me.






STOP EATING MY HOUSE -- this has only been necessary with Jenna's litters and they haven't mastered it yet -- none of them!

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the word mow? or is that an acronym? my pup knows down by pointing down and snapping the finger also... actually works better than saying down
Yeah, the "word" Mow. Kind of like an old grumpy cat saying Meow without the E. It's a strange fun word my friends and I use and my roommate liked saying Mow and throwing the tennis ball down in a "down" visual, and Frag ended up picking it up.

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never thought of the "stop eating my house" LOL might have to work on that!
Yeah, I will be sitting in my living room watching DVD reruns of Hawaii 5-0, and all of the sudden I will hear the pirannah going after something. Chaw chaw chaw -- that sounds like, HEY! That is the molding around the door frame!!! They are EATING me out of house and home!!! LITERALLY!!!


(I think they think it is funny -- making Suzie lose her mind.)

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Odin knows:

go lay down (either means go to your bed or stop pacing the room like a lunatic)
enough (shush)
go potty
find it

Noire.. well she can sit. :p She's the resident couch potato, but after what she went through I think the old lady deserves it.

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I constantly work on QUIET and ENOUGH! It usually just does not work, the puppies start up again right away, and then the big dogs do too.

But one day, a state boy was walking around the properties, because someone put a car in the ditch and left. Anyhow he went around my neighbor's houses checking windows, then came to my house.

My dogs were putting up a huge stink. And he kept looking in, probably to see if I was hiding the guy there I guess. When he was just about to leave, I put out and almighty ENOUGH! and all my dogs shut up completely. You could hear a pin drop. It was like my finest moment. He probably went back and told tales about that. I was shocked and impressed by it.

But that was before the PAINS came to be. Now, I can say ENOUGH! and it lasts for about 3.2 seconds. Boogers!
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