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What breeds do you dislike?

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Please don't bash people for their personal taste, but I thought we could have a lighthearted thread about what breeds we don't like and why.

I don't like Terriers because they frighten me.
I also don't like breeds with real weepy eye stains like poodles (though I admire their intelligence).

That's about it - I love almost every other dog!
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1. Anything with a long, soft beard, like schnauzers, shitzus, bouviers , etc. They STINK!! And when they drink it soaks up water like a sponge, and of course they want to dry off on you and kiss your face.

2. Any kind of curly-haired breed, like poodles, -doodles, etc. I just don't find that at ALL attractive

3. Any dog that looks like just existing is painful for them due to the extremes people have bred them to: neopolitan mastiffs, some overly-smooshed, straining-to-breathe pugs, bulldogs & pekes, basset hounds.

4. All of the corded breeds, like the komondor, puli, etc. That looks so heavy for the poor dog to carry, as well as the odor since you can't really let them get wet. Besides, who wants to pet a mop??
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Any kind of small dog that that has a yappy bark. Drives me nuts.
Dogs owned by irresponsible people. If you can't control him off-leash, don't let him off-leash!

As for breeds, I'm generally not a fan of small dogs. I don't really like terriers or hounds either.
I think I've said it before but anything I can step on and accidently kill is out! So that eliminates many of the small dogs.
I really don't like Pit bulls, terriers or poodles.
I'm not a fan of small dogs either. And, not too crazy about Poodles or Pits.

Basically I just repeated all of the other posts :)
Originally Posted By: AnnaRileyAny kind of small dog that that has a yappy bark. Drives me nuts.
Here here. Though a co-worker has a small dog (a chi-pom?) who she has trained very well, and doesn't bark. He thinks he's a big dog, and I adore him. Plus, he's adorable.
I've never really liked "ankle biters". Yorkie's, mini-anything, shitzu, or any dog that is smaller than my shoe...or any dog that gets carried in a purse or handbag.
"Any dog that gets carried in a purse" ... that is too funny!!! And, I agree with it as well ...
don't like the droolers. or the yappers.
Originally Posted By: GSDgirlAL"Any dog that gets carried in a purse" ... that is too funny!!! And, I agree with it as well ...
I actually saw that yesterday..I think it was a pom or something, actually the only small dog I really dislike is a chihuahuah(sp?) My sister had one named smitty, nasty little dog, I never got over my dislike of them. I'm not wild about pomeranians either.
There is not a dog that I don't like, but only the GSD is what gets me excited. Sometimes I don't understand why someone would choose certain breeds(dalmation, beagle) unless it is for working, hunting purposes. My mom has a "daisy dog" molly- shitzu/poodle/bishon cross and she is the most obnoxious thing, she had the same mix(missy) for twelve yrs. before molly and missy was adorable...My dad has a pom Winston, and he changed my mind about that breed, he is really cool and has a great personality!
I dislike the little ankle biters also, and Portugese Water dogs.
I can not think of a breed I dislike, I love them all
Originally Posted By: blackbirdzach or any dog that is smaller than my shoe...

LOL i hear that! and its nothing personal about small dogs, its just that to me i like taking my dogs with me on hikes and adventures, and you really cant take a little dog on a 5 mile hike.

and i really dont like those poodles that are all trimmed up with poofs of hair in random places, they look a little ridiculous to me.
Not a fan of small white dogs... is that prejudice? LOL.. And, should I 'sign' my name?
If it's too small to pet when full-grown without beding all the way over, it's too small to be worth petting. Except for pugs and corgis.
Can I include ignorant owners of small, aggressive dogs?? I cannot stand any dog that is out of control and the owner thinks it is cute because the dog is a small fur bag of rage in their arms. News flash!! It isn't cute nor funny. If one of our german shepherds did that...we would be reported asap, but little dogs get away with murder in stores, etc..

Whew..vent fest is over, so now to the breeds I don't tend to like:
-- Schnauzers, puli's, poodles, pits, lhaso apsos, hounds for the most part, akitas, boston terriers
just wanted to add, that im so glad this turned out to be a civil post! Great job everyone! LOL
Anything smaller than a full-grown cat. I also dislike the new "designer" breeds...(i.e. expensive mixes), poodles, dogs that require morwe hair care than I do.

Basicaly, I like beagle-size and bigger, with short hair. Not too picky, here, lol.
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