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What a bed hog!

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Navah, has had a cold for the last few days and I have been feeling really bad for her. For two nights in a row she has been yelping in her crate to get out. I’m not sure how doggy colds work but I know my joints get sore so I was hoping that’s not what she had since she has no bed in there, just cold and hard plastic.

Last night I was feeling bad so I convinced my wonderful and amazing boyfriend to let her on the bed. We cleared the room of everything she could be bad with and pretty much barricaded the door (I don’t trust her as far as I can throw her).

To say she enjoyed her time on the bed is an understatement! Somehow she managed to take up the whole bottom half of the bed and the entire width. My boyfriend and I spent the whole night in the fetal position. Periodically through the night I would hear my boyfriend grumble or sigh in irritation and say “stupid dog!” My poor other dog who usually sleeps under the covers at my boyfriends feet had a tiny little corner on my boyfriend’s pillow with his legs hanging off the bed.

For once in the last few days she had a nice, heavy, comfortable sleep and slept throughout the night. I just hope she gets better soon or I’m going to be stiff jointed every morning! lol
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Dodger is a HUGE bed hog. Last night I let dodger get on my bed while I brushed my teeth and washed my face I come back and he's spread egeal on my twin size bed meaning there's no room for me, so i shoved him over and got in, ten minuets later he gets off and lays by my door, not what I wanted I was cold and wanted him for warmth. I called him back over and he laid back on my bed for a half hour then he gets off again *sigh*. I think he's trying to tell me to get a bigger bed. Lol which I hope to get for Christmas i've been bugging my mom since January I even showed her which one I wanted.
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