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Originally Posted By: Reichsmom
Like in mom's back yard. We went out, and the white toy breed dog next door was out. She wouldn't pee because she wouldn't stop barking at it, backing up, then charging the fence snarling.
With my current house and my previous house, I am surrounded by dogs...I don't like fence aggression and I don't tolerate it from any of my dogs. When each dog came into my house, potty breaks were done on a long line. Any move towards the other dog on the side of the fence had me recalling them in with a firm no. When they did it on their own, they were rewarded HUGE!!

Your issue is different, I would definitely take her out on the line and do whatever I could to re-direct her, food toys, walking in circles, whatever it takes.. Teach her the "leave it" command so that you can use it in situations like this.

Originally Posted By: ReichsmomI want to get her into the next puppy class I can, now I'm concerned she's going to spend the whole time barking her head off, whining, and basically falling apart because of the other pups.
You have to Socialize her as much as possible, I would take her to a few classes, to see how she does. Even if you are just sitting in a corner the whole time, she needs controlled exposure in order to learn to ignore other dogs.

She is still a baby, you can fix this. You may not have miss little social on your hands but you can at least get her to ignore other dogs.

My Cyrus has leash aggression issues with other dogs, when I would see another dog approach I would keep his leash loose and once he noticed the other dog and started to tense up I used the leave it command, walked around in circles and spit hot dogs at him. He loves hot dogs, so this way I had his full attention. I made myself more interesting than the other dog.
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