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My pup was attacked on a walk by two off-leash dogs when he was about 3-4 months old. Like your pup, he was wary of other dogs, and freaked out when there were dogs around that were off leash.

I made a concerted effort to keep him in classes. As soon as one class ended, we'd sign up for another. While it's really hard to predict what's going to happen on the sidewalk in your neighborhood, classes are more predictable. And you have the instructor to help you out. It took my boy about 4 months to be pretty much "over" his attack.

A lot of the work we did entailed my Dh (who was walking him at the time of the initial attack) and to some extent, me not getting nervous when other dogs approach. If we tighten up even slightly or inhale even a bit more than usual, our dogs notice it. They assume "my owner is worried, so I should be afraid too." Then they respond accordingly. Talk to your instructor and let her know what you're dealing with. Once you've been in class a while, you may even want to schedule a private lesson to work on your reactions out in the real world.

But just keep getting back on the horse. Your pup is very young, which means that even though she's in a fear stage, she's also capable of learning new things quickly. Just keep at it. Be consistent. Control YOUR fears and reactions (Which is hard, I know). Keep at it. Work with a trainer. I know, first hand, that what you went through was traumatic. But you should know that my little guy, who had to go to the vet and receive stiches from the big gash that the other dogs gave him, is now almost two years old and works as my service dog, attends dog club events, and is a confident, happy, generally well-rounded guy.

You can do it!
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