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went to the beach today

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with beamer & my daughter. i've taken her down a couple times since we got her but this is the first time we've gone up to the water (it was way to cold before). she put her paws in a tidal pool, went in & then when it got deeper she jumped up, spun around & dove into the sand, then shook off. it was the FUNNIEST thing ive ever seen her do! i couldnt get her to go in the ocean though, the waves scared her & whenever the water touched her paws she would jump back. i laughed so hard, my daughter kept clapping. it reminded me shes still a puppy. then they both sat down together on the dry sand & looked at the water, it wouldve been a PERFECT shot but i forgot my camera in the car. oh well maybe next time.. lol.
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Sounds like a great day! I bet the ocean was freezing. I was in Maine last June on a mission trip(Calais) and couldn't believe how active the tide is. It is a beautiful state, we didn't stay long enough! Also surprised at the spring flowers lupine, lilacs... that are now beginning to bloom here, were in their peak. We were there on the longest day of the year(21st) usually my favorite day, 1st day of summer. Well I was shocked that it gets light out so early5am and dark early as well, so I felt gyped. Here in MI it stays light on that day til after 10. Oh, well, the scenery was worth the change in daylight hours.
Sounds like fun!! I wish we lived close to the beach, but the closest is like 6 hours away.

My dogs unfortunately go way too far out in the water for my comfort so paranoid me keeps them on a leash. LOL!
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Awww.....what a perfect day!

We live only 15-20 miles from the beach and have yet to go. Now you have me motivated.
i lived with my grandparents right on the beach my whole life, but now i live 45 minutes away or so but they still live there so i get to take beamer whenever. it's so pretty, but really cold. when we're home its HOT out but as soon as we get by the ocean it's chilly so i don't go as much as i wish i did
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