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Not a very wise decision. However, my brother found out first hand what happens when you leave a GS in the car alone with a bag of greasy meat.

My brother went to Wendy's to pick up dinner. He got one of those "baconator" burgers and a junior bacon cheeseburger for Shane. After he picked up the food, he decided he wanted to get a movie from blockbuster before heading home.

The car my brother was driving was a pathfinder. Shane sits ALL the way in the back (the trunk...sorta). The bag of food was sitting on the passenger seat. My brother ran in blockbuster and when he came back 10 mins later, he saw Shane in the back...with the baconater wrapper. What makes this even funnier is that Shane never touched the junior bacon cheeseburger!!!! HE WENT FOR THE MOTHER LOAD! He opened the bag....he bypassed the smaller burger....picked out the big one....UNWRAPPED IT (the wrapper was still in tacked)...ate a burger that had 2 beef patties, cheese and 6 slices of bacon within 5 mins flat...and then went back to his seat as if nothing happened.

My poor brother got stuck with an ity bity junior bacon cheeseburger lol.
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