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Your laser question

I wonder, in a brief nutshell, how the cold laser differs from the McClaren Photonic Therapy:
McLaren USA, Inc. - the Pioneer in Photonic Therapy

Also, on the vetrolaser site, there is a red beam device being sold for $75 - I wonder also how that compares to the McClaren unit?
Hi Lisa,

I just now was forwarded your question. It was posted in the wrong spot. Sorry for the delay.
The Photonic Torch is an LED (Light Emitting Diode). The Vetrolaser is a real laser.
The difference between lasers and LED is tissue penetration. Infrared lasers penetrate deeper than LED's because lasers are coherant light sources, meaning all of the photons are concentrated in one spot. Our red laser is a single beam for acupuncture points and small injuries, like wire cuts. The Photonic Torch and our red laser would pentrate about the same since all red wavelengths can only penetrate 1 cm. But the infrared lasers can penetrate up to 2 inches.
Please let me know if you have any questions.
Daniel Kamen, D.C.
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