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Thanks so much for the warm welcome!

This is one of our first forum sponsorships, and we just wanted to reach out and help other pet owners who wrestle with pet stains/odors like we did.

I'll do a full post soon with more of our background, but in short...

I struggled with one of our dogs who was scared to go outside (because of loud noises), and would have accidents in the house. I just never could seem to get rid of the smell, and on hot/humid days it was horrendous. I tried everything. Finally, I reached out to an uncle-in-law who used to own a carpet cleaning and dying business to ask for advice. What he uncovered was insane, I couldn't believe no one knew this info. He shared about how most cleaners had an ingredient that makes stains/odors worse, we spoke about enzymes, etc. etc.

In the end he shared a concoction that he made for himself, and this stuff actually worked. I shared a few bottles with my pet loving friends, they shared it with their friends, and "My Pet Peed" kind of grew from there.

I created a video that my friends shared that told the full story and educated why enzymes and other cleaners don't always work, and then the whole thing kind of took off and exploded.

I eventually had to make an ugly website so people I never met could order. That was all 6 years ago, now we have 1000's of success stores, 26K+ likes on FB, and 400+ reviews on Amazon.

If you'd like to check out the old video you can right here: Ex-Carpet Cleaner Comes Clean...

Looking forward to settling in here at and being able to help members here with their struggles :)

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