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Welcome M1-K9 Collars!

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We would like to welcome M1-K9 Collars as our newest supporting vendor!

Please take a moment to visit their site: M1-K9 Big Dog Collars, Military, Personalized Dog Collars.
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love the philosophy behind the company -- count on an order from me soon .
What a clever idea, really.

The material is outstanding on those utility belts. My husband has collected a lot over the years. He actually cuts them and recycles them as handles/ropes for Rusty's ball on a rope after the original rope wears.

I will be sure to share the site.
super generous. i dig the pouch and caribeaner, and the dogtag is a nice touch.

inevitably, there goes $45.00 out of my next paycheck :).
I showed my husband....he said roger that, buy it:)
I was actually just hopping on here to see if anyone had any experience with these. My dog busted through his one inch leather strap collar like it was nothing last night chasing a cat (collar number 2)... I know the pistol belt material is super tough, my main question is are the buckles the mil-spec ones? I know from my time in the army even though they are plastic, they are basically indestructible short of being lit on fire. I normally wouldn't use plastic buckles due to bad experiences in the past with them (collar number 1), but those I would trust. I am going to order one if I cannot find something at least 1.75 inches wide with a metal buckle here in town.
Emailed the company about the buckle type, I was responded to quickly and assured it was tough enough to hold up anything I could throw at it. I just ordered one, I will post a review when it arrives. So far very impressed with the customer service though for sure.
They are tough!!!!! Love our collar!

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Got my Collar on Saturday. Shipping was prompt, which is a plus. As far as the Collar goes, its fantastic. Looks and feels as sturdy as you would think. Im not worried about the plastic buckle after seeing it. It has a very positive "click" when you buckle it and the plastic seems very sturdy. It looks great on my dog as well. My only real complaints are the Hand loops on the leash are kind of small, not so much that its unusable though, and its not a big deal at all. The caribeaner is very functional, you need to use the spring gate on it to get in on most leash eyelets though. All in All, I'd highly recommend this collar.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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