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Welcome Home Leah!! Hi from Madrid.

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Hi, we are new to this site. I have a 15 week old Golden Retriever and am on all the time, but now I have Leah so I wanted to join this as well. I love sharing stories and learning from others about my dogs.

Background on new baby Leah. Two months ago we rescued Princess Bobbie the Golden from a horrible backyard breeder she came with a ton of health problems and bills....anyhow 2 weeks after that I saw an ad online from a town about an hour from where we are stationed in Spain. The ad was for 1 day old GS pups and said it was urgent that they be taken....they would make good guard dogs, ect. I was outraged and called the person and said I would take the litter and parents. They ended up giving me 5 pups at 3 days old. It was a horrible site. They were outside in the dirt with no shelter and covered...I mean covered in flies. They were near dead. The bitch was 11 years old and blind and didnt lactate. They refused us taking the parents and another person took 3 babies. I have posted pictures of the journey and babies on the Golden Retriever website and to date more than 7,000 people have viewed and talked about the story.

Anyhow. After 5.5 weeks of no sleep, all but one of the pups has found a perm. future home. Since the first day we have had a favorite pup...her name was purple..they all got ribbons when I brought them home. We have always thought she was the most beautiful and smartest pup...for some reason no family has shown any interest in her. My husband and I believe it is because she is already home. The plot thickens....they day these pups were born was a very sad day at my home as we lost our previous Dog...A Griffin to old age complications. His name was Leo. Of course we were not looking to rescue a littler, but we think when Leo passed he sent us these puppies. We think a part of Leo came back in Leah and she is meant to be ours. She is the smallest of the pack weighing in at just over 6lbs at 5 weeks and 3 days old.

She is not full Shepherd. the Mother was a beautiful Brown and Black GSD and the dad was a GS/ Boxer mix.

I look forward to being a part of this forum and I am sure I will have a lot of questions..I already do. She is our first Shepherd and we are in love already with our little bundle of fur!!


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Welcome to the forum! And thank you for saving those babies, all of them! Your Leah is adorable!

I am sorry that they wouldn't let you take the mother. Her life sounds miserable but at least you were able to give the puppies a chance at life and a good one at that!
What a touching story. Yes thank you for saving those babies! That poor mama dog. I think Leo did send you those babies and Leah is precious!

I just looked up your thread on the Golden forum and it is heartbreaking..God bless you for helping those poor puppies..

Great name! Congrats on the new puppy!
wonderful story...well wonderful now anyway that you help those poor pups! Do you have a link to the story on the other forum? I would love to read it!
Thanks for the welcome guys!! I took this pic this morning of Leahs sister Rosie. How old are they usually when their ears start to stand up? I cant wait until Leahs do!!


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This makes me sick, and I am going to do something about it!!! - Golden Retrievers : Golden Retriever Dog Forums

Thats the link to the litters story...its really long, but I have pictures of Mom and babies from 1 day old until now.
ah thats sad how they started out. Its good you came into their lives though!
Bless you for taking in those pups. Welcome to the group!
Wow, I just spent all morning reading your WHOLE story! You are amazing! It should have been a blog for the world to see! I even made an account over there just so I can see your adorable puppy pictures (my last dog was a golden so I really wasn't doing something wrong LOL)

I felt like I went through every emotion with you today, I laughed, I cried, I smiled. I'm so glad with everything you took on you had the time to update everyone with your beautiful story. I especially cried when I read your list of the reasons you should keep her, I think I knew then she would be staying with you. It's not by chance no one picked her, she was sent to you by Leo and loves you, Leah is perfect in everyway, enjoy her!
That is so awesome that you were able to save those babies!
I just spend the last 2 hours reading your thread and like CaseysGSD, I even registered so I could see the pics. You and your hubby are AMAZING!! Especially that you kept everybody updated through the whole experience. Thank you again for saving those babies.

And if I must say, it was obvious how much you loved Purple/Leah and that she was destined to be your next dog. And the pics of her with Bobbie--too precious.

Congratulations on deciding to keep her!
Thanks for the welcome guys!! I took this pic this morning of Leahs sister Rosie. How old are they usually when their ears start to stand up? I cant wait until Leahs do!!

I just saw your question. I'm not sure exactly how early a pups ears will stand up. Dharma's went up at about 12 or 13 weeks. Sometimes they drop back down though when the pup starts teething. So don't let that scare you if they come up and then go back down. They usually come up again.
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